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New Orleans Questionnaire: Rex Rose

Rex Rose is a writer and teacher and New Orleans expat.

New Orleans is...
Fun.  Sinking.  Dangerous.  Evil.  Friendly.  Beautiful.  Stupid.

Favorite place in New Orleans:
Whichever coffee house is the most Bohemian at the time.

Favorite building:
The Skyscraper.*

Favorite New Orleans food:
Hot sausage po-boy with mayo and mustard mixed together.

Favorite New Orleans musician/s:
The Sluts

Favorite piece of writing on New Orleans:
Toast   (by Rex Rose)

Favorite New Orleans movie:
Zombie vs. Mardi Gras

Favorite New Orleans word or expression:
Where you stay?

Most apt New Orleans nickname:
The city that forgot to care.

Favorite New Orleans personality/character:
Morgus the Magnificent

Favorite New Orleans thing not mentioned here:
Free ferry ride to Algiers. 

Who should be the mayor of New Orleans?
Morgus the Magnificent

How can the city lower its murder rate?
Legalize drugs and firearms, disband the NOPD and the School Board, and start fresh with outsiders in the top spots.

Why I (don’t) live in New Orleans:
The criminals and police in no particular order.

The thing I like least about New Orleans:
Nothing ever gets done because it takes a few years away to realize how fucked up everything is.

What people don’t know about New Orleans is:
We had a more prolific and gross serial killer than Jeffrey Dahmer, but nobody paid much attention.

My expertise on New Orleans:
Shucking oysters at a bar for seven years, and playing local clubs.

* One thing I love about these questionnaires is that I keep learning something new. I asked Rex about the Skyscraper. He wrote: "It's on the corner of St. Peter and Royal and was home to an important cadre of Bohemian beatnik types. They called it that because it used to be the only 4-floor building in the French Quarter." Find a picture here.

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